Fresh Beginnings


I bought a new journal and on the front page I wrote in big letters Fresh Beginnings. This September is full of them as I venture into old and new territory. 

It’s a Fresh Beginning in the school I am working in, to which I returned fearful and apprehensive after my first 8 months there, where promises were broken and expectations not met. I spent the first few days not knowing if I still want to be here and struggling with the idea that God wanted me here in this place which was so difficult for me last year. I cried and prayed a lot. Wondering if God had forgotten me. But sometimes he brings hope in ways you weren’t expecting. And I just knew I have to give it one more try. So I leaped into a year with a lot of potential and possibilities and excitement and I have peace that this is the place that God placed me in. It is a massive “yes” and risk from my side. It is making this city a  home and not only a working place.

A Fresh Beginning in the church. Walking away from old responsibilities that others or I myself are trying to put on me. It’s a new start without Elemental. And living through pain, hurt and disappointment. I am not there yet, it’ll take me awhile. And I’ll need a lot of grace for me and others. 

It’s a Fresh Beginning in terms of community and friends! Which fills my heart with excitement and joy! But I also need to adapt to change and open my heart again to new people and new stories. 

A new college year is about to start. New focus. New challenges. New growth.

It’s a Fresh Beginning for God and me. I am learning again (will I ever fully?) to open my heart to him and trust him. To give his grace space in my life. To not slip back into dualistic judgments. 

Fresh Beginnings to wonder and wait for what God and Life has in store for you. 


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