Why I love Pinterest


Did you ever have a pin-board where you put up everything inspiring, fun, beautiful, recipes and so on? I did. It started when I was about 15 years old and I began to read magazines. I collected everything from travel ideas, to book ideas, “important” informations for a teenage girl (e.g. styles, make up etc)…. It soon became very messy and I started putting them together in a folder. (Yes I was that organized and a nerd). I remember my first room in college where I randomly pinned things to the wall behind my desk. Partly because I had no money to buy any nice pictures that might lighten up the room, and partly because I wanted to remember certain things. As I moved around from flat to flat and country to country I got tired of putting things up. But I also neglected a part of me that was longing for beauty and inspiration. So when I got introduced to Pinterest I was thrilled! Finally I could start pinning and collecting things again and even organize different boards for different interests! Ok, I admit that I haven’t tried every recipe (yet) that I pinned, or that I even can afford any of the dresses or home ideas. But that’s not the point. The point is to be inspired, to look for beauty and find a funny quote here and there. It is something that soothes me when I’m stressed and when the world is grey around me.  That’s why I love Pinterest!

By the way you can follow me here: My Pinterest


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