Counsellors are always looking for ways to help clients to ease the pain(s) in their lives and help them, through various skills, to overcome the heartbreak and prison people built around themselves in order to be protected. And for most people, including myself, this is a long journey towards freedom and liberation that can changes lives. Freedom looks differently for every one of us, depending what lies we have internalized in the past and which shapes us how we see ourselves now. Part of my journey was to overcome the thought that I am not good enough and not worthy for love and belonging. And at the core of our being we all long for a place where we belong and are accepted no matter how we look, no matter how smart we are, if we are good or bad in sports or art or even which skin color we have. I am not overly familiar with the history of liberation of African-American People in the USA and the Civil Rights Movement, but I was deeply moved by the movie ‘The Help’ and the stories of personal liberation and freedom that were told. Those women, the Helpers, were de-humanized by the society they lived in and by their employer families. Shame was their everyday reality. Not been seen as fully human. But by telling their stories to a young and energetic journalist they are slowly setting themselves free and start their journey of liberation. I truly believe there is something so profound when you tell your story to someone else who listens and is present. When you invite someone to be fully present and let them be, so that they can share their stories of heartbreak, pain and humiliation that’s the first step towards healing. It was for those women and it was for me. At the core of liberation is courage; courage to look the pain in the eye and to face your demons; courage to seek help from family, friends, a counselor; courage to stop the lies you so long believed in and lived by and discover who you truly are. It took me four years to be more comfortable in my own skin. Four hard years, where sometimes pain was the only emotion I could feel. Where lies where louder then the truth. But I am also more me then I ever thought was possible. And yet I still struggle! I am not perfect, but liberation is not about perfectionism, it’s about getting more healthy and embracing who you are.


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