The art of being


It has been a while since I last blogged. My excuse: I was on holidays. And despite all my great expiration to write over the summer, I did the exact opposite. But I re-learned something more important than how to refine my writing style – instead I discovered how to be. Instead of being productive, I was resting, sleeping, playing. I lived in the moment. It felt like my whole body and soul learned how to breathe again. And all the scattered puzzle tiles that make me who I am, got put back together. It was very freeing to embrace the moment and enjoy either the silence or the company of friends and family and not thinking of what needs to be done or the worries about college fees, work or the future in general. I was not pushing all these things aside, but I knew that I couldn’t solve them right here and now and that the fear and worry would steal away the joy of living right here and now. I am struggling for words to describe what happened on a very deep soul level, I think I learned to practice self-kindness instead of being self-critical all the time. Or in the words of Teresa of Avila: “You find God in yourself and yourself in God.”


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