The book nerd in me


“Read something”, was my mother’s advice when I came to her as a little girl complaining that I was bored. One day I took her advice seriously and started to read. She soon regretted saying that, when I was trying to fit 5 books into my suitcase for 2 week-long holiday. Needless to say that I read all of the 5 books before the holiday was over. Since then I was a ‘book eater’/ ‘nerd’ /book worm’. So I felt like a little girl who gets her first Barbie for Christmas when I held my Kindle in my own hands. I don’t want to over dramatize its impact on my life, but it indeed changed my life. I can now easily take more than 5 books with me and whenever I need/want a new book, I have it in less than 5 minutes. Incredible!

But I’m not only a fan of the written kind of literature, no I also have an audible account. Heaven. I can now listen to books while driving, being on a plane or bus, in the shower, packing – endless possibilities.

As I’m packing for my holidays I downloaded Game of Thrones on audible (16 hours for Part 1!), The Lantern (excited about this novel) and The Gift of Imperfection (because I need to challenge my heart and my head). My hammock awaits me!


About Geraldine

I'm a german girl which ended up in Ireland four years ago through hilarious circumsatnces. Right now I'm working as Team manager for Elemenal a youth initative for the south-east of Ireland.

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