If you have been working with teenagers who are broken for the last two weeks straight and also feel and see your own broken parts and the areas in your own life that need healing, you would need to process all that.

This is my attempt to process:


To everyone out there

who cries themselves to sleep

and put on a brave face the next morning.

To all who say ‘Amen’,

but wonder daily about this distant old guy on a cloud

listening to harp music all day long,

so that he can’t hear the prayers of the one’s in need.

To all who have experienced the cruelty of reality

and to whom giving up seems like the next rational step.

To all who think that living your dream is only for dreamers,

but not for people like you and me.

To all who cried out as a child “mummy I’m cold”,

but instead of a warm cuddle your parents put on the heating.

To all who think that living is purely about survival:

Let us be courageous and face our Giants,

because once upon a time we heard about a Promised Land,

where people like us can be free

and where life is celebrated and wounds will heal.

Let us come together and believe in a future,

where our past has no power over us

and no longer defines or stigmatizes us.

Let’s dare to live

let’s dare to hope

let’s dare to step forward.


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