Monthly Archives: June 2011

Trust the process


It is hard to believe sometimes that life to the full and out of our creativity and potential is really possible. Very often we are just focused on surviving, getting over with xyz, or getting passed this and that, before we think real life is possible. We live a life of anticipation of the next thing, instead of living right here in the moment. At least I do. Sometimes I catch myself and wonder what have I really contributed to the world, have I even touched on my full potential or is all lost? The truth is I haven’t reached the bottom of my potential yet, and that is also the beauty of it: there is still so much more to come! But I need to make a decision in my head here and now, to try to be fully present and live life and not wait around until I have achieved this or that. I need to remind myself that I can only grow if I step out of my comfort zone and risk to fail and also to learn something new. Through my counseling course I learned this great expression: “Trust the process”. In other words: Trust the journey. Trust is hard, it has to do with surrender. But if I trust that step by step, day by day I can live out of who God made me to be then I am also a step closer to living  life to the full. I am not saying this is easy and giving up looks very often more attractive, but I don’t want to settle for a mediocre life. I am curious what lies ahead of me.