Monthly Archives: May 2011

Heart ache


Injustice makes my heart ache. I think there is nothing more heartbreaking when one human being mistreat another fellow human being. It hurts to hear and see that women and children are abused daily either physically, sexually or mentally; it hurts to hear that 1.2 Million children are trafficked every year and that human trafficking is now the second largest source of illegal income after drugs. That’s massive! That’s too much for me to fathom. The list of injustice is endless. And I think we should not point our finger to developing countries, because injustice is alive in the midst of us: racism, abuse, domestic violence, judging homosexuals, avoiding people who are affected by HIV/Aids……….

It is hard not to lose heart and to give up to raise issues and be aware about is going on. This article by Human Rights Watch gives me  a little hope.


I am not cool


I read somewhere last week that the need of ‘being cool, is an emotional straightjacket.’ The need to ‘be cool’, very often diminishes of who we really are and who we meant to be. I believe if we want to be cool, we sacrifice parts of us, our creativity, our growth, our humor, our fashion style, what books we read, what movies we watch, what music we’re (not) into…………etc…….. The hunt of ‘being cool’ is one of finding love, acceptance and belonging, but one that never tells us that it’s ok to be me.

I fought this battle many times in my life: in school as a teenager, and even now as a youthworker. I know a lot of youthworkers, who are the funny ones, the ones who can walk into a group of teenagers and can make them laugh (and like)  immediately. I am not that kind of person. I am not the funny one, who is ‘cool’ with making a fool out of themselves. I like and love things ‘the others’ are not into. I am not into Black Ops, like the rest of my team. I don’t know the newest Lady Gaga song (*gasp*), I can actually be quite boring. But I also learned and still am, that it’s ok. It’s ok, not to hunt after ‘being cool’, because otherwise I wouldn’t be me, I would end up as a hollow version of who I could be. And I also would not live a life out of my  passions and gifts, but I can find real friendships, love, acceptance and belonging and embrace being me.