One Good-bye too many


Good-byes are always sad.

I had to say good-bye to so many people in my life already. To friends back in Vienna, to friends from trips oversees or camps, friends you lose touch with when someone moves away…..

Maybe because there are so many people coming in and out of my life all the time, it didn’t hit me that much when I had to say goodbye to two american girls on Friday, whom captured my heart in the last two weeks. I am sad, I miss them, but I know I’ll be ok.

Maybe it’s also easier this time around, because I know,  that they won’t leave my heart. Maybe it’s because I know from experiences that friendships like this can work, even though it is hard and hurts so often when this person is not around. And maybe it’s ok for me, because I don’t know anymore what it’s like to have a really good friend around. The closets friends I have are an 1 1/2 hours drive away, they other ones are in Vienna and in the States. I’d love to give them a call from time to time if we could hang out without making travel arrangements or thinking of the time difference.

I don’t have an answer or solution to this. In the meantime, I just try to make it work!


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