There was definitely a time when I was an coffee-addict. It was when I was writing my Master thesis. Coffee (and chocolate) kept me going, allowed me to have a break, or woke me up whenever I was sitting in a library or archive looking through very old documents. I drank a lot!

I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, I love the sound of an espresso machine bubbling on the stove, I love the heavenly milk foam on a cappuccino, this very first sip of a fresh, hot coffee.

I am going through phases where I only order cappuccino, latte, black coffee etc…..What I order also expresses what mood I am in. You can tell that I am extremely tired if I drink an espresso with the hope that I’ll feel energized afterwards.

It also depends where I am which coffee I order. Whenever I am back in Vienna there are two places I always go for (different) coffee: A traditional old cafe, where I sip on my Melange  (a shot of espresso with steamed milk, usually a bit stronger than a cappuccino) and read my book/magazine or chat to a friend, or I get a white moccacino (it’s like a mocha, just with white chocolate. During the summer they do an iced white moccacino and its to die for!!) to go at the Coffee Shop Company and walk through the city.

So far I am convinced that Esquires in Kilkenny serves the best cappuccino/latte! And until anyone else proves me wrong, I stand by that.


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