So that I’ve to look forward to something I’m doing some research at the moment what I could do during my time in Northern Cali and in Texas. Well, Texas will be easy: I’m going to stay with my cousin, her four adorable boys (age 8, double-trouble 4, and small-trouble 2) and her husband. So my time there will be consumed by kids-entertainment like going to the pool, building train-tracks, and alike, some cousin-and-me-time while going shopping or watching movies after the kids are in bed, and maybe some shooting time with her husband. My california trip on the other hand will be more like catching up with a friend, hanging out in coffee shops, going shopping, reading my book(s) on the patio….AND doing some day-trips: there is an exhibition in SFMOMA which sounds fantastic, if you’re into 20th century arts (, and I LOVE their roof-top garden and museum-shop, were you can find the most beautiful journals; I’m so excited to go to Lake Tahoe on the border to Nevada which looks like a paradise, which its beaches and mountains; maybe I’ll get my adrenalin rush at one of Six Flag’s Discovery Park rollercoasters and of course I can’t miss a trip down to the Jelly Bean Factory……

So whenever I need a break, I start looking at all the wonderful possibilities and take them all in, until I smile and say to myself: “Only…..days/weeks.” That’s what keeps me going at the moment.


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