Spider R.I.P


This morning there was a spider in my sink. A huge one. I don’t have arachnophobia in general, it depends on the size of the spider. This one was too big to be tolerated. But I’m not only afraid of spiders, I am actually afraid of killing them. Knowing that my tissue will touch this creature, freaks me out and I cringe, get goose-bumps. So I decided the easiest way would be to drown my new flat-mate. I saw big spider struggling, until it was gone. I felt terrible, but relieved. An hour later, big spider was back! Apparently it made her way back through the drain pipe. Gross! Big spider looked very comfortable there and probably would have stayed longer, if Kaddl wouldn’t have rescued me and killed her (with a tissue). The tissue is in the bin and I was afraid that the spider would still be alive and come back…….it didn’t, so far :).


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