Book shopping


I did it. I entered a book store today. This can be very dangerous for me. As soon as I enter the land of many stories, I am tempted to buy everything that sounds interesting. It’s hard to resist – and I am lost when I start to read the cover or first page of a book that got my attention. They are far too many stories out there to read, so selecting becomes a tricky process! First of all: the title needs to be compelling, and yes I judge superficially from the look of the cover. If I don’t like the cover, I’ll continue my search. Buying a thriller or chick lit is quite easy , cause I’m only looking for something that entertains and distracts me from my every day life. I don’t have high hopes that a Sophie Kinsella or Harlan Coben will surprise me with their majestic power of language, although I am hoping for laughter, joy, suspense while reading them. But today I was looking for a book that will captivate me from page one onwards, by its story and the authors gift of poetic writing. I think I found it:


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