Monthly Archives: April 2010

Book shopping


I did it. I entered a book store today. This can be very dangerous for me. As soon as I enter the land of many stories, I am tempted to buy everything that sounds interesting. It’s hard to resist – and I am lost when I start to read the cover or first page of a book that got my attention. They are far too many stories out there to read, so selecting becomes a tricky process! First of all: the title needs to be compelling, and yes I judge superficially from the look of the cover. If I don’t like the cover, I’ll continue my search. Buying a thriller or chick lit is quite easy , cause I’m only looking for something that entertains and distracts me from my every day life. I don’t have high hopes that a Sophie Kinsella or Harlan Coben will surprise me with their majestic power of language, although I am hoping for laughter, joy, suspense while reading them. But today I was looking for a book that will captivate me from page one onwards, by its story and the authors gift of poetic writing. I think I found it:




What do you do when you can’t sleep??


Toss around in bed

Trying to avoid to think which leads to more thinking

Play Solitaire on my iPhone

Turn on the light and read

Eat chocolate

Watch TV

Drink milk (and eat cookies)

Think about what I’ve to do tomorrow

Lie in bed bright awake and getting annoyed

Listening to podcasts/ an audiobook

Thinking about new recipes

Turning my duvet around

Writing a to-do-list

Realising that I’ve to get up in …. hours

Think what I would tell people in certain situations

Planning my next vacation

Start panicking because I still can’t sleep

Trying not to think too much and think about something nice and relaxing

Sleep, I embrace you!