Saying good-bye to ice-cream


They are more tragic things in life then being allergic to ice-cream. My dad’s stay in hospital a few weeks ago, being stressed about assignments, the sudden death of a friend’s brother, my uncle’s open heart surgery next week –  just to mention a few. All these things are real life tragedies, things I have to face and cope with at the moment. So when I got the ‘shocking’ news yesterday that I’m allergic to peanuts (and all peanuty related things), cod, prawns and ice-cream, I was sad, that I’ve to say  good-bye to my dear comfort-food friend. He was always there for me in tough moments, cheered me up, kept me company in my loneliness and kept me sane at some very hot summer days. From now on I need to resist the temptation but I also know that this is not the end of the world. I will survive. And actually it’s not a real tragedy.


About Geraldine

I'm a german girl which ended up in Ireland four years ago through hilarious circumsatnces. Right now I'm working as Team manager for Elemenal a youth initative for the south-east of Ireland.

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  1. My friend Jeni was just diagnosed with allergies to both gluten and dairy products. This came a bit as a shock as she is a French food lover and, in my opinion, an amazing baker! =/ Thankfully she’s back in the U.S now, where I think wheat-free stuff is more available than in France.
    Anyway… sorry to hear about your peanut and ice-cream allergies. I think I would completely stress out if I was allergic not just intolerant to lactose.
    Ill pray that you adjust well to your new diet hunny – and thank God there is no such thing as a Jesus allergy (sounds crazy I know!!!) Jesus will always be there in the tough and lonely moments. Ice-cream sucks compared to him!! 😉
    Much Love xx

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