An honest woman


Is a blog the right place to recommend a book? I think it absolutely is! As much as I love to attempt to express my thoughts in written word, I love to read good and well written stories. My soul is thirsty for funny, real and honest stories, like Anne Lamott writes hers. She is never getting tired of exposing herself in a humorous and honest but simple way. She is so down-to-earth that even though I am not a middle-aged white american woman, I can relate to her and think that I get to know her better with every anecdote I read about her.

The book I am reading at the moment is called Grace (Eventually). Thoughts on Faith. She inspires me because she is not another ‘christian’ writer, she is a writer (and woman) who is a christian. That’s why her stories are so real. Their aim is not to teach and tell the truth; their aim is to tell about a woman on her journey who stumbles and gets back up.


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