Monthly Archives: February 2010



I’ve lived on a farm since mid-september and despite cows mooing in the wee hours of the morning, because they are about to give birth to a baby calf, or the rooster who’s inner clock isn’t in tact, so he crows when ever he feels like it’s sunrise, or the massive spiders which want to find refugee in my apartment, or the two mice which were probably more scared to see me, then I was when our paths crossed, I’ve enjoyed the peace of this place and being surrounded by nature. Heck yes, I’m a country girl with city-life tendencies. Sometimes I forget that I’m actually living on a farm, but I was reminded this morning when I was looking out of my kitchen window and saw two calf wondering around in the yard, trying to get into the house and eating cat food.


The importance of communication


Thanks to a youth leader’s training weekend I was reminded of  this special piece of commercial art and the importance of clear communication. And it might as well redeem the preconception, that Germans have no sense of humor!