The rebel in me


It’s saturday night. People are getting ready for a night out. To go out with friends for a few drinks, or to the cinema, for dinner…..It seems like every one is out somewhere – except me. I’m on my couch, reading, watching dvd, skipping through a magazine, sipping on my tea and eating ice-cream. Am  I boring? Shouldn’t I put a lovely outfit on and ‘have fun’? But I’ve to admit: I have fun! Every once in a while my body and soul needs to slow down, and be lazy. This loneliness is different then the ‘forced’ loneliness. Maybe I am boring, maybe I am just an ordinary girl. But who is making those labels anyway? Who or what is telling me what I should do or shouldn’t do or what is cool or uncool?! The rebel in me is doing things differently and trying hard not to think in boxes. The rebel in me is ok with not going out on a saturday night.


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