November, I dislike you!


November is dull and  grey; my body and soul have to adjust that I don’t see so much daylight anymore and I have to come up with a plan not to fall into hibernation. It’s a fight I’ve to face every year. And it surprises me afresh every year, that my creativity and productivity slows down, that I crave more ‘solid’, comfort food (= chocolate, pasta with lots of cheese, pizza…..fill in the gap). November is just not my month! It’s a ‘inbetween’ month – not autumn anymore but it doesn’t feel like winter either. I dislike November. But here comes December and with it all the Christmas expectations and delights and the realisation that another year is nearly over. As a kid I loved Advent- it was exhilarating to get up every morning and open a door on your “adventkalender” and see the days disappear and coming closer and closer to Christmas. December smells of fresh-baked christmas biscuits, of candle- light and matches, of fresh, clear and frosty air. November smells of decay, mouldy leaves and foggy mornings. December builds up to something, there is a climax, a celebration, a dinner to be shared with family, a time to be quite and reflect and just be human. At least that is my hope for every Christmas! So good-bye November and hello December!


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