Monthly Archives: December 2009

Another world


One reason why I love reading is, that I can dive into another world. Suddenly I forget everything around me…..

Gregory David Roberts Shantaram is doing that to me. My recommendation: get the book and get comfy. You won’t regret it!




They are particularly aromas I recollect Christmas with. One is the smell of freshly baked Weihnachtsplätzchen (Christmas cookies) through my parents house. Growing up baking cookies before Christmas was one of the most cherished days! I had to put on an old jumper (I was a messer when it came to playing with cookie dough), I stood on a chair to reach the counter top, and I was signing christmas songs. My mum would tell you that I wasn’t of great help, but that’s not the point when you’ re little, right?! I loved (and still do) the moment when the cookies are in the oven and they share their lovely aroma. You can smell the vanilla- sugar-cinnamon mixture and feel Christmas is coming.

So when I got home this week for my Christmas break I was delighted o bake some Vanillekipferl with my mum. Here is a picture and I wish you could smell them as I did, when I got them out of the oven!

The rebel in me


It’s saturday night. People are getting ready for a night out. To go out with friends for a few drinks, or to the cinema, for dinner…..It seems like every one is out somewhere – except me. I’m on my couch, reading, watching dvd, skipping through a magazine, sipping on my tea and eating ice-cream. Am  I boring? Shouldn’t I put a lovely outfit on and ‘have fun’? But I’ve to admit: I have fun! Every once in a while my body and soul needs to slow down, and be lazy. This loneliness is different then the ‘forced’ loneliness. Maybe I am boring, maybe I am just an ordinary girl. But who is making those labels anyway? Who or what is telling me what I should do or shouldn’t do or what is cool or uncool?! The rebel in me is doing things differently and trying hard not to think in boxes. The rebel in me is ok with not going out on a saturday night.

My buddy


My hot water bottle is my best friend these days. Always comforting me and reliable when I need it. Like today. The heating in my apartment is not working due to repairs. Who is there and keeps me warm?! Exactly my hot water bottle! Hope my kettle won’t break down – that would be a nightmare and even my buddy the hot water bottle would be useless.

November, I dislike you!


November is dull and  grey; my body and soul have to adjust that I don’t see so much daylight anymore and I have to come up with a plan not to fall into hibernation. It’s a fight I’ve to face every year. And it surprises me afresh every year, that my creativity and productivity slows down, that I crave more ‘solid’, comfort food (= chocolate, pasta with lots of cheese, pizza…..fill in the gap). November is just not my month! It’s a ‘inbetween’ month – not autumn anymore but it doesn’t feel like winter either. I dislike November. But here comes December and with it all the Christmas expectations and delights and the realisation that another year is nearly over. As a kid I loved Advent- it was exhilarating to get up every morning and open a door on your “adventkalender” and see the days disappear and coming closer and closer to Christmas. December smells of fresh-baked christmas biscuits, of candle- light and matches, of fresh, clear and frosty air. November smells of decay, mouldy leaves and foggy mornings. December builds up to something, there is a climax, a celebration, a dinner to be shared with family, a time to be quite and reflect and just be human. At least that is my hope for every Christmas! So good-bye November and hello December!