Fruit addict


Whenever I go grocery shopping my trolley is full of fresh fruits. I LOVE fruits – I cannot live without them! I’ve managed to live without chocolate for three months, no coffee for a few weeks, I can also survive without eating meat. But I cannot live without eating any fruits for more than 2 days! My mum used to buy fresh fruits twice a week when I was still living at home (note that I don’t have any siblings, it was just the three of us!). Winter starts for me when I buy oranges for the first time of the season and I know that it’s soon going to be autumn when you cannot get any decent peaches and nectarines anymore. Nowadays people drink fruits in form of smoothies. First I was sceptical, I didn’t trust to consume liquid fruits. I thought they can only be a rip-off the real thing! Until I drank my first real smoothie. Suddenly I was in fruit-heaven. I was haunting them, craving them, drinking them whenever I could. So when I was rushing to the bus this afternoon to get back home from Dublin, I stopped at a Spar to get a drink. I discovered a new smoothie: Cranberries, blueberries & cherries. I bought it, ran to the bus, took my seat, opened the bottle with excitement and took my first sip. It conjured felicity on my face and all was well….



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