Here I am


So this is all new and strange to me. First of all I’m overwhelmed by the layout. I can’t find my way around this web side. I scream “help” on the inside. Where is the map? Can someone please explain to me what happens if I push that button?

And above all: Why am I doing this again??? Ok, I love to read good stories, stories which capture me, inspire and challenge me.  I respect people who can tell and/or write good stories, people who are honest and share with us their struggles and little (or big) amusing look-out on life.

And here is the first thing I struggle with: Do I really believe that I have something to say and that people are actually interested in reading my story and how I see and approach life?

I am involved in youth ministry where it is all about authenticity! And here I sit on my desk,  telling you (and myself!) that I want to give this blog thing a try. So I take a deep sigh, another sip of water and hit: “publish”. Have fun!


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